Thursday, October 28, 2010

Classroom Observation: Kindergarten Magic

I sat in on the Kindergarten music lesson today.  I wish everyone had the opportunity to do this. It is the perfect  reminder of  what is really important in life.  It is these small, magical moments that matter most.  To see children so happy, carefree and truly happy to sing....truly a gift!  Cole, Adriana and Madison each had a chance to be in charge of freeze dance with the tambourine.  Jack, Michael and Emily visited "Arioso Land" where the only communication is singing. Wow can they sing!  The entire class sang a wide variety of  Halloween songs and danced to the Monster Mash with Ms. Carroll our music teacher.   Earlier in the day a dental hygienist visited and taught the children the importance of good oral hygiene. Each child had a chance to brush a giant stuffed animal's teeth.  Ask your child all about it.  Wednesday of  this week they decorated pumpkins with Ms. Saulnier and Mrs. Shadoff.  They came out beautiful and were so proud to show me their creations!!!  We are going to wrap up the week with a Halloween parade.  They will be tired little ones come Friday night!!!