Saturday, February 27, 2016

Commendation School Year # 3

The Lynn Woods School has been identified as a 2015 Level I School.  However, more exciting and remarkable than that, for the third consecutive year in a row, Lynn Woods School has been recognized as 1 of 45 Commendation Schools across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1600+schools)  The teachers and students work hard everyday!  I could not be more proud of this great team!  Check out our new banner and our report card link below.

Please consider

100 days and counting.....

These are only a few of the amazing 100 days projects that our first graders shared. So creative !

Scholastic Book Fair

Thank you to the parents who organized and worked the recent book fair.  The fair is a win/win.  We get books into the hands of eager readers and earn some new books for the library collection!  Thank you to the parents who make this happen!

First In Math

These are a few of the hard working students who participated in the February Vacation FIM challenge and earned 400 stickers!