Monday, February 25, 2013




MARCH 5, 2013 @ 11:00


Teachers will be attending a mandatory Staff Development training on the new Educator Evaluation System, that is required by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Lunch will be scheduled and school lunch will be served in the morning.  If you want your child to eat at home you may send a light snack for them to eat at their early morning scheduled lunch. 


Please be sure to make arrangements and mark your calendar.

Grade 2 Strega Nona's Italian Dinner Celebration

The 2nd and 3rd Grade classes at Lynn Woods  are the recipients of a WGBH/Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Grant.  This wonderful grant provides standard based lesson plans AND  all the reading materials necessary to implement those lessons.  During February the students did a Tomie dePaola author study.  They read so many of his books and answered an essential question throughout this unit.  Katelyn was kind enough to bring in a class gift, a  autographed Tomie dePaola book to share.  One of the dePaola books they enjoyed was Strega Nona, a story about a magic pasta pot.  So as a compliment to that story.......The class finished the author study with a spacial Italian dinner celebration today.  Libby Mancaniello, father of Jack and owner of Maria's Gourmet Pasta Products was generous enough with  his time, knowledge and product to come in and demonstrate how to make pasta.  Superintendent Dr. Latham was good enough to join us for this celebration.  She loved talking to the students and finding about their studies.  Ask your child all about it.  I can say first hand it was delicious!  We would also like to thank Mrs. Parker and Mrs. Comeau for baking incredible homemade desserts, as well as to Mrs. Beyea and Mrs. Potter, Jack's grandmother for coming into serve.  Another great learning experience engineered by Mrs. Zukas!