Tuesday, October 12, 2010

4th Grade Peer Proof Program

We are thrilled once again to have the Camp Fire Program, I'm Peer Proof  in our 4th Grade Class.  We have two fabulous instructors, Mrs. Wilkins & Mrs. Clancy.  I'm Peer Proof is a program designed especially for 4th-6th graders to help youth identify ways to make and keep friends, make decisions based on good judgment, and overcome peer pressure. 
Throughout the course of this five week program, children will learn strategies for resisting peer pressure to engage in antisocial or dangerous behavior, the benefits and risks of assertive behavior, specific responses to teasing and the difference between tattling and seeking help.  They define the positive qualities of friendship, practice giving and receiving compliments and learn how to initiate and maintain conversations.
 Through these activities, young people learn responsibility for their own words and actions and come to understand that they control much of their lives through the choices they make and the consequences that follow.

Get involved.....ask your child about NPD Zone (No put down zone) or ask about Aggressive Bertha.