Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Raw Arts:Thank You!

Mrs. LoGuidice's 5th Grade class was invited to attend Raw Arts.  The students visited the studio and  worked for 5 weeks on a group project that will ultimately be displayed proudly in our school (top picture).  It is a great opportunity and privilege to be part of this creative experience. Hopefully the experience has inspired a few future artists.  Thank you Raw Arts for your contribution to our youth!!! You are a valued part of the Lynn Community.

Boy's Basketball season off to a strong start!

The boy's team has a lot of talent this year.  Today they beat Tracy School in yet another close game.   They ended up winning by one basket.  However, more impressive to me is the level of teamwork displayed.  It is inspiring to see how they work together so well.  I am also incredibly proud how both the boys and girls have conducted themselves.  Good sportsmanship is priceless!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lynn Rotary Club does it again!!!

Every year the Rotary Club very generously donates dictionaries to the every third grader across the district.  It is a powerful and generous gift that has become a valued tradition.   This year we had the pleasure of Capt. David Peyton of the Salvation Army visit Lynn Woods and do the presentation of the dictionaries.  Thank you so much. 

LEHS brings Rachel's Challenge to Lynn Woods

“Rachel’s Challenge”,  is a powerful presentation based on the life of Rachel Scott, the first person killed in the Columbine High School massacre. The contents of her diaries have become the foundation for this nationally acclaimed violence prevention program. Just weeks before her death, Rachel wrote an essay in which she said, “I have this theory, if people can go out of their way to show compassion for just one person, you may just start a chain reaction.”  

As a result of  this presentation at LEHS, a group of students started a new club, the “Friends of Rachel”, the goal of which is to encourage students to continue Rachel’s chain of kindness and make positive changes in the way they treat others.  One of the projects is to build a “chain of kindness”. This is done by encouraging students and staff to be aware of kind deeds (both large and small) going on around them every day. At LEHS, each classroom has a folder with strips of paper, called “links”, that students and staff use to document any kind deeds that they witness or experience. Those links are collected on a regular basis and made into a chain.  This sounds very similiar to the "Respect is a Requirement at Lynn Woods" program.

The LEHS Friends of Rachel Club has invited Lynn Woods and other local  organizations to work together to build our chain.  LEHS students, met with our 5th grade students to explain the program and build excitment around the idea.  What amazing role models!!  

To learn more about Rachel's challenge watch the video link below:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Columbus Poster Contest Winner!

Congratulations Tia in Grade 1!  There were many entries submitted to the Santa Famiglia Lodge #2834 Sons of Italy Columbus Day Coloring Contest, but Tia locked in second place.  Tia and her picture were showcased in the Lynn Item.  She won a $25 prize for her talents. 

Know Atoms Science Lessons in Grade 4

The 4th graders are studying DNA.  In the pictures above they are creating DNA models.  Know Atoms supplies the materials and lesson plans generously funded through a GE grant.   In addition to financial support of young students in our community, the GE also sends volunteer engineers and scientists to work with students  execute the more complicated science experiments.  In the photo above GE volunteer Francesco Pancheri help students construct DNA models.   A great big thank you to the teachers.  While these lessons are impressive and effective they require a great deal of extra preparation.  Naturally the teachers at Lynn Woods have embraced this challenge.   

Friday, January 7, 2011

An author among us!!!!

We are so incredibly proud of Mrs. Parker who most recently published her first children's book.  It is called Fred Freckle.  The story is adorable and so far it is a huge crowd pleaser!  We have a few copies in our school library so check it out!   Despite being a mom of two young children and  a dedicated teacher, she found time to take on this monumental task.  How inspiring! 
Mrs. Parker will be doing her first book signing at the Lynn Public Library on Saturday, Febrary 19 @ 10:30.  In true Lynn Woods fashion let's show up and support her!

Kindergarten Show & Tell

The Kindergarten class was more than excited during Show & Tell on Friday.  It was a pleasure to watch as they each proudly shared their item.  In addition to being simply adorable, it served as an  opportunity for students to practice language skills and rules of discussion.  Although it was a challenge to wait patiently for their 3 minutes in the spotlight, they all waited and used good manners.  Brady B shared his prized Bruins hockey monkey that his cousin gave him.  Brady W demonstrated how his remote control care could climb walls.  When asked if it could work on the ceiling, he replied, "yes, but he would need a ladder."  Lilly did a most animated share of her memory book.  She was articulate and detailed in her explanation.  Ben shared his rocket ship and Micheal his Robin and motorcycle.  McKenna was kind enough to let the students pet her dog and Alexander shared his amethyst.  Sadly I could not stay to watch everyone, but I got to enjoy a good portion!