Friday, November 5, 2010

Veteran's Day Ceremony

A.J. Mariano, framed by members of the Lynn English High School Jr. ROTC Color Guard, pledges allegiance to the flag during opening ceremonies at the Veterans Day celebration at Lynn Woods School Friday. Item photo / Owen O'Rourke

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Today we had a Veteran’s Day Ceremony.  The purpose of the ceremony was to acknowledge the sacrifice and commitment that so many men and women have made to preserve our liberties as Americans.  Too often the media, video games and music create images of heroes for our youth that are inaccurate and unfair. Veterans are genuine, courageous heroes.  The ceremony was a beautiful tribute to those heroes.  The students in grades 4 & 5, under the direction of Ms. Carol, sang patriotic songs.  The third graders shared poetry and displayed art work.  The highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the colors by the LEHS ROTC.  This team of 4 young adults carried themselves with pride and strength.  They went on later to proudly showcase their skills that have won them many awards. Every eye was glued to them.  The children watched with wide eyes and gaping mouths.   I thank them for being part of our ceremony.    There is no school on Thursday November 11 in observance of Veteran’s Day, I urge you all to take a moment from your busy day to thank a Veteran for their selflessness.