Monday, December 13, 2010

School House Rock.......Rocked!!!

This week-end our school was filled with excitement and pride.  The Drama Club presented School House Rock and what a show it was!  Just ask anyone who was there....and there were many as both shows were sold out!  The students learned so much about working hard and being part of something big, but this year's show was particularly rich with academics.  Students  had to study, rehearse lines, practice choreography but the entire show was immersed in curriculum content.   The performances were just amazing!  Mrs. Whitcomb and Mrs. Hemenway were the directors and their work with children is truly a gift.  I thank them for sharing their talents and passion for drama.  This year we did a third show during the school day on Monday for students who were unable to attend one of the evening shows.  We also extended the invite the our senior friends and neighbors at the Briar Cliff Lodge.  Mayor Kennedy graciously accepted out invite and we were thrilled that she could make it.  School Committee Member Vinny Spirito, former Principal of Lynn Woods School, also took time to come by and see our show.  Thank you both! 

Some cast members with Mayor Kennedy

The entire cast at curtain call

Mayor Kennedy congratulating Paris

The leads

Mrs. Zukas' Grade 2 Class

Good Instruction involves teachers checking frequently to see if the students are understanding the concepts being taught.  The new Write On White Boards are being put to good use.  Looks like they might be having fun too!                                                                                                                                                  

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Best Teaching Practices: Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment is a teaching term that describes the practice of collecting data about a child's understanding of a given topic.  Typically a test is given at the end of  a unit.  However, a formative assessment is a tool that a teacher would use frequently BEFORE the actual test to measure how close the student is to the goal and to gauge what they need to plan next to help the student meet the objective.  As a staff we spent our second staff development day in November learning about formative assessments and building larger repertoires to check for understanding.  Teachers were given Write on White Boards as one tool to help them. They were also given color coded flip cards. 

3rd Grade Know Atoms Science

It is amazing to watch the Science lessons evolve. The new program that the GE is sponsoring for Lynn Woods School is proving to be very engaging for the students and very successful in terms of meeting Science goals academically.  The hands on aspect can't be beat!!!