Thursday, February 2, 2012

These kids have talent!

Ms. Cohen is running a Guitar Club that meets once a week.  The students in Grades 4 & 5 are learning introductory guitar skills.  What a gift!  The students meet before school for their instruction.  The groups rotate every 6 weeks.  Thanks Ms. Cohen.

Hands on Learning!

Third Grade Students each had an opportunity to show off their Science experiments.  Mr. Staples asked each child some questions to test their knowledge of the subject matter.  That is what we call formative assessment in education.  The results suggested that the students learned a great deal! 

New Addition in Grade 1

The students in first grade have only had the  Smart Board for a week but Ms. Barry is already using it often to make class more interactive and engaging.  The students read stories displayed largely on the board together at snack time.  In the pictures here the large dice roll when touched and the students are asked to write the corresponding number sentence.

Famous Americans

Mrs. Zukas' room recently completed Famous American Reports.  Each student was given the project criteria and encouraged to use creativity to convey their learning.  The oral presentations were just wonderfully informative.  I was impressed with comfortable they were presenting their reports.  The picture below shows some of the finished products.