Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Ceremony with Neighbors

On this past Thursday I experienced one of the most memorable experiences since I have been Principal at the Lynn Woods School.  The third and fourth graders, under the supervision of the music teacher Ms. Carroll, performed at the Briar Cliff Lodge.    When we arrived we learned that some of the folks from the Briar Cliff had also prepared poems and songs for us as well.  It was such a wonderful treat to have two generations come together and celebrate with song and poetry.  The Lynn English High School ROTC drill team also joined us and completed one of their award winning drills for the group.  All eyes were on them as they performed with precision and accuracy.  They are truly talented and remarkable young role models.  At the conclusion of our show the Briar Cliff members presented our students with flags and our student’s gave their patriot hearts that they created in art class to the seniors.  It was truly an up lifting experience and a perfect way to kick off the long Memorial Day week-end. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grade 2 Releases Butterflies

Mrs. Zukas' class has been studying everything butterflies.  They made Butterfly dictionaries to build vocabulary.  They watched, nurtured and waited for the chrysalis  to transform into beautiful butterflies in the net cage in class.  Finally it happened.  Today they released butterflies at the park.  Some of the butterflies grew fond of the students and were reluctant to leave the second grades as seen in the photos above.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kindergarten Excitement

The above pictures are of our Kindergarten students actively engaged in free choice time.  Each day the children are able to work cooperatively with peers. It is here that they learn to share, take turns, work out difference among other social skills.   Leve Vygotsky is the guru of those who believe play is developmentally essential.  He believes that play, especially pretend play, is an essential part of childhood- something that makes children “stand a head taller” than they would without it.   The top picture is showcasing the "Star of the Day".  Each day as children are recognized for something positive, their name is placed on the board.  Almost ready for First Grade!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Very Special Visit!

Recently the Lynn Woods Kindergartners and First Graders had the privilege of meeting Logistics Sargent Scott Spofford and his wife Lieutenant Kecia Spofford.  Sargent Scott Spofford is Shea's uncle.  They shared stories and fielded questions.  It was a special visit that we all appreciated.  We honor and respect all our nations service men and woman at Lynn Woods.  We know they are true heroes!