Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Willy Wonka work has begun!

 The 2011-12 Lynn Wood Drama Production is under way.  Once again under the expert direction of Wendi

Whitcomb and Shawna Hemenway the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders have begun the commitment and studying

 that is necessary to pull off the monumental production.   Being involved is surely one of those

experiences that remain with them for life!  Can’t wait till December 9th and the date . 

Third Grade Getting Organized

Recently, during one of my daily visits to the classrooms, I noticed that the 3rd graders decorated the front of their  home/school folder.    My initial thought about the homework folder was in regards to what a wonderful tool to help the third graders begin to take more responsibility and ownership of homework and other home/school correspondence.   I couldn't help notice that they had all decorated the front with a prompt.  It read  "My favorite thing about Lynn Woods School is ........"  I can’t tell a lie, I was flattered when I read Kitty’s.  Thanks for filling my bucket Kitty!  Yes.  That is my portrait on the front!

Welcome Ms. Lenzie

Ms. Lenzie is our new Art Teacher.  This year our classes are traveling down to the Computer Lab to have their weekly Art instruction.  So far it is working out well.  This past week the Kindergarten students learned about the color wheel and used paints.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Sound of Music.......

This past week a team of Mr. Picanos Musical Staff visited to perform a musical demonstration of a variety of instruments.   Instrumental lessons are offered at no cost to students in Grades 4 & 5.    Students were invited up to participate in the demonstration and experience a few instruments.  Paperwork will be sent home if you are interested in more details about the lessons.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

We are off to a strong start!  First Graders are already making and reading books with Ms. Barry. 

Welcome to Lynn Woods!

A warm welcome to the new Kindergarten students!  I can already tell they are a great group.  It is a big adjustment for the children (and parents) to make.    For many, this is the first time away from home for any extended period of time.  The day can feel very long for these youngsters, so please be sure they get to bed early as they adjust.  All of us at Lynn Woods School want to make sure that your child’s first experience with school is a positive one.  Please be sure to communicate with us, especially when it comes to addressing your child’s academic needs.