Monday, October 1, 2012

Off to a great start !

Well it feels like we never left.  Every day is busy and full of learning.    It seems we have a great staff that is really coming together as we implement the new Common Core standards.  The students are doing well considering often times learning a new teacher, with new rules, and a new personality and sometimes a different teaching style can be difficult, but the students are adjusting really well.  Our building looks wonderful.  The halls are clean and clear.  We are really excited about our new polished look.

 Kindergarten students learning how to clean up as a group.  Already learning responsibility.

 It is really a treat to listen to the adorable lunch time conversations. They are learning how to make friends.
 Grade 5
Instead of writing rules to their classroom and community, Ms. Lapponese's classroom wrote their own Constitution and signed it just like our forefathers did 225 years ago this September 2012. Our custodian Mr. Pat had a replica of the original Syng Inkstand that was used during the signing The United States Constitution. Plus this time around the girls were able to sign it.

Our school has been fortunate to be the recipient of 3 District Coaches.   For 3 weeks the coaches are working in the classrooms modeling best instructional practices in standard based lessons.  The classroom teacher and coach are also spending time planning collaboratively as we shift to the Common Core.  So far it has been a beneficial experience for everyone involved.  The coaches will continue their work at Lynn Woods until the first week in October.  Ask your child about their classroom visits.  Below are some shots of their work with the students and teachers.



 Here the 4th graders are working in teams and rolling dice to learn the math skill rounding. 

 Mrs. Allen is very comfortable using her Smart Board as a instructional tool and motivator!
 District Coach Mrs. Zukowski talks Diomedes through a math problem.
 The first graders worked in the hallway with Mrs. Lee.  They used a number line to solve math problems interactively.


 First Graders used manipulatives to understand place value. 

Some second graders worked in centers while others worked on specific reading skills with Mrs. Hill.