Friday, February 18, 2011

An impressive new computer lab!

We are all so happy to welcome the new addition to Lynn Woods School.  On Wednesday an entire computer lab arrived at our door.  By Friday the entire lab was completely up and running.  Mrs. Kennedy immediately began her quest to find on line resources that would supplement her current lesson.  And oh what a beautiful site!  There is nothing more satisfying to walk into the lab, 1 day old, and find the 5th graders doing virtual dissections of many creatures from small rodents to owls.  As I circulated the lab, I listened to the children actively learning in a 21st century style.  Jarrod-Michael exclaimed, "this is awesome."  Paris responded, "look you can zoom in on the bones."  Cam said, "Look Mrs. Fritz you take the bones and drag them on the skeleton of the rat!"  Kevin said  in the distance, "this is hard, but I like it."  This learning experience that Mrs. Kennedy designed for students continued later that afternoon when the students returned to class to actually dissect owl pellets.  The prior computer learning experience gave the students some background knowledge to build upon.  There was not a peep in the room because they were so engrossed in the dissection.