Sunday, April 15, 2012

Southwick Zoo visits Lynn Woods

What a fabulous way to kick off April Vacation. The PTO treated us to a visit from the Southwick Zoo. We learned a lot and were very excited to welcome the visitors.

 All eyes were on the python that Mr. Tim showed us.  Perhaps a bit closer than Mrs. Kennedy would like.  The 5th graders have been reading about how the pythons are taking over the Everglades.  Great curriculum connections.  Shea knew that snakes eat rats. Robert knew that they smell with their tongues.  Below the students were asked to see if the snake blinked. 

 Hannah knew that parrots learn to speak from listening to humans.  This blue and yellow macaw asked for a cracker, took a bow, ate a banana.   She told us to be quiet and said good bye.  Ask your child how the bird prepares to may be surprised. 
 This bush baby is nocturnal.  I must say he came too close for comfort for me!

 The kangaroo was the biggest hit with the kids.  The students got to pet him at the end of the show.

 The tortoise is not the fastest creature.....the children cheered him on as he raced toward me!