Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Great Know Atoms Science

Mrs. Brennan’s fifth grade class conducted a science experiment on the effects of pollution.  The experiment involved planting seeds in various soil samples.  Some had soil with pollutants such as baby oil and baking soda, among others.  The students will watch and record observations over the next few weeks and compare the control group to the experimental test tube sample.  It was an especially exciting day because the learning extended beyond students.  We had special observers during this lesson.  We had Francis Vigeant, CEO of Know Atom, and Mrs. Gaudette, a teacher from Connery visit.    As a group of professionals we have broadened our learning by incorporating some professional collaboration and reflection into our Science instruction.  After the lesson the team met to debrief and reflect on the lesson.  As I observed the lesson, I recorded some powerful student quotes.  When the students put on their safety goggles, Carter said, "I feel smarter already!"   As the students listened to detailed directions from Mrs. Brennan, Adam exclaimed, "I can't wait to do this, I feel like a real scientist."   A student new to our school said, "this is so cool, we didn't do this stuff at our old school."    Student engagement is a beautiful thing!