Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The MCAS dates are listed below.  Both students and teachers have been working hard all year.  The MCAS, although often difficult and sometimes stressful, does give us good feedback on where our strengths and weaknesses are, so we can use that information to adjust our classroom instruction and better meet student’s needs.

Our goal is for all students to be successful.  Some suggestions to help children focus and be mentally prepared are listed below.

  • Drink Water:  Studies show that the human brain needs to be well hydrated to reach peak performance.  Be sure your child has had ample water prior to the test.

  • Breakfast:  Eating a nutritious breakfast will help your child perform his/her best.  Be sure your child has breakfast at home, or has plans to eat it here at school. 

  • Rest:  It is also well documented that the brain functions optimally when it has had ample rest.  Please be sure your child is in bed and gets (ideally) 10 hours of sleep.

  • Stress:  Research supports that stress hinders the brain operation.  Individuals perform more smoothly when not under stress.  Morning departures can be chaotic and hectic for all of us, please try to ensure that your child gets off to a smooth start and has a clear head on these test dates.

  • Encouragement:  Naturally we all want our students to do well. It is important to remind them that what we really want is for them to “Try their best”. 

  • Comfort:  They will be sitting and testing, so be sure your child is wearing comfortable clothes. 

  • Attendance:  It is critical that every student take the test. We understand that we can not control when our children get sick.   There will be a make up date, however   please make your best effort to be present. 

Early Spring MCAS Schedule 2011

Grade 3
March 28 & 29
Grade 4
March 22
Long Write Composition
Grade 4
March 24, 30
ELA/ Reading
Grade 5
March 23, 25

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Math and Science MCAS is May 10 -- May 26.