Friday, January 7, 2011

Kindergarten Show & Tell

The Kindergarten class was more than excited during Show & Tell on Friday.  It was a pleasure to watch as they each proudly shared their item.  In addition to being simply adorable, it served as an  opportunity for students to practice language skills and rules of discussion.  Although it was a challenge to wait patiently for their 3 minutes in the spotlight, they all waited and used good manners.  Brady B shared his prized Bruins hockey monkey that his cousin gave him.  Brady W demonstrated how his remote control care could climb walls.  When asked if it could work on the ceiling, he replied, "yes, but he would need a ladder."  Lilly did a most animated share of her memory book.  She was articulate and detailed in her explanation.  Ben shared his rocket ship and Micheal his Robin and motorcycle.  McKenna was kind enough to let the students pet her dog and Alexander shared his amethyst.  Sadly I could not stay to watch everyone, but I got to enjoy a good portion!